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Advanced Nutrients – Bud Blood 40g Sachet




Want to save money and get the most out of your indoor hydroponics grow room? Want fatter flowers faster? Tired of waiting for harvests to be ready for cutting? We know the answers to those questions, and the answer is Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood. We guarantee Bud Blood jumpstarts your bloom cycle and speeds up your harvest timing. Using Bud Blood is like pushing a button and starting your grow room bloom cycle exactly when you want to start it. You don’t have to do it like most indoor gardeners. They trigger flowering by changing their high intensity lighting cycles from 18 hours per day to 12 hours per day, but it takes weeks for this method to trigger flowering. This wastes valuable time and money. Indoor hydroponics gardeners using Bud Blood love how it makes plants flower earlier. Bud Blood safely and easily causes grow room plants to flower earlier. That means they have a longer time to pack dense, thick growth onto their flowers. After Bud Blood has triggered early flowering, it super-feeds your blooming hydroponics plants so they make fat, fun flowers. Bud Blood strengthens roots, allowing plants to take in more nutrients for increased floral production. Use Bud Blood regularly to accelerate and increase harvest timing and yield so you get more harvests and bigger flowers faster. This easy to use formula blends well with other fertilizers and regimens. Nobody else makes a formula that works for you like Bud Blood.

· Increases harvest size

· More economical and powerful than other bloom boosters

· Triggers earlier harvests.

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