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Big Bud Coco takes the classic Big Bud formula and optimises it for usein coco coir. It contains a wide spectrum of yield-boosting andflavour-enhancing ingredients. One of the most important of theseingredients additives is iron, which (like calcium) coco coir has a tendencyto hang on to, leading to deficiencies. While many other boosters neglect this fact, the team of scientists atAdvanced Nutrients have ensured that Big Bud Coco works to counter the issue,creating all-round stronger plants and delivering truly eye-poppingyields. You won’t be disappointed!

  • The classic Big Bud formula, optimised for use in coco coir
  • For use from week two to week four
  • Formulated by a team of top scientists dedicated to makingproducts of excellence
  • Manufactured to the very highest standards
  • Provides extra Phosphorous and Potassium (PK) for profuseflowering
  • Loaded with L-amino acids – the building blocks of proteinsand flowers
  • Contains additional iron, to correct coco-relateddeficiencies
  • Includes ascorbic and citric acids to assist respiration
  • Works best with the range of Advanced Nutrients additivesand boosters

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