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Advanced nutrients Bud Candy – With Bud Candy… you’re getting two products in one because the product gives you everything that was in Sweet Leaf and CarboLoad, but it also gives you a lot more too, and in an easy to use formula. Bud Candy pays off after your harvest too, because it makes finished material that cures better, tastes better, and resists storage diseases. It stores specific organic ingredients in your harvested material so your flowers cure better, taste better, and stay fresher longer.

Then, Bud Candy helps your harvested material resist brittleness, over-dryness, and microbes that can attack your harvested material and cause it to degrade or be unsafe for you and your friends to consume.

Testing shows that crops grown with Bud Candy have a higher potency rate and a longer shelf life. Up to 40% longer in some cases.

You’ll successfully use Bud Candy in rockwool, coco, NFT, aeroponics, ebb and flow, soil, sphagnum, and any other type of system you’re using.

Whether your plants are in bloom phase right now, or you’re preparing for bloom phase, this is the time to procure 100% organic Bud Candy and look forward to guaranteed cotton candy taste, fatter buds, and stronger plants.

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