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The best selling root stimulator Rhizotonic is now available in a 100% organic form. All-new Bio-Rhizotonic has been specifically developed to provide the same root boost as normal Rhizotonic but in an organic form that makes it perfect for soil growers. Great for use on cuttings, stressed plants or when repotting, Bio-Rhizotonic is ideal for use with all Canna Soils and is designed to work in conjunction with the rest of the Canna Bio range.

EKO certified organic nutrient range, Bio Canna is a set of products for the true organic purist. With impressive grow and bloom nutrients derived from all natural sources, it is when Bio Boost is added that the range really comes into its own. Designed to be used as part of the complete Bio-Canna Suite of products, the Bio-Canna Nutrient performs extremely well in all soil mediums

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