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Cyco Platinum Series Bloom A and B nutrients build on the foundation of Cyco Grow A & B to create the perfect combination of nutrient needed to make your garden thrive through the flowering phase of plant growth. Cyco Bloom A is a mix of pharmaceutical grade nitrates that are necessary for the photosynthesis process, amino acid creation and the forming of enzymes. Magnesium and calcium have also been included to aid in making chlorophll and building stronger cell walls.
Cyco Bloom B completes the combination by adding phosphorus, vital for plant metabolic function, and potassium which aid in reducing water loss, wilting resistance and moving sugars to the areas of the plant that they are most needed.

  • Aids in the construction of chlorophyll
  • Builds strong cell walls
  • Helps in the translocation of sugars
  • Reduces water loss and wilting

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