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Digital Series HTC2 Thermometer/Hygrometer (W/Probe)




Diamond Diffusion Reflective Mylar

 A silver light proof diffusion foil, white and silver poly measuring 1.25m x 100m that works in a similar way to a horticultural lighting reflector.

diamond diffused pattern to spread light more evenly, produced to help eliminate hot spots, pet coated to protect against wear and corrosion, with membrane capability to eliminate creasing

Completely light tight

Light is precious and you will want to maximise usable light from your grow lights. One excellent way of doing this is to use reflective sheeting. Investment in reflective sheeting allows stray light to be redirected towards your plants. This is especially important in a small grow room. Plant growth is nearly linear with light intensity and installation of reflective sheeting will increase the light intensity and save money in the long term. In some cases it may also reduce initial costs.

This fantastic product from Metagro is ‘diamond pressed’, which increases light diffusion in the grow room meaning no more hotspots! In addition to this it is easier to handle and more resistant to creasing than any other sheeting on the market, and all with the existing benefits of Metagro’s premium Reflect-a-Gro. Click on the picture below to see the incredible diamond finish!”

– Diamond pressed for increased light diffusion and easier handling
– 50% more reflective than standard black & white sheeting
– Flame Retardant with Total Blackout
– EMP Guard


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