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Essentials EC Meters are used for determining the EC (electrical conductivity) or strength of your nutrient solution. These handy meters are very easy to use simply turn on the unit and dip the probe in your nutrient tank, the digital display will then tell you the strength of your nutrients in EC.

EC (electrical conductivity) is a standard measure for nutrients in the UK, if you look on the back of your nutrients they will have a recomended EC as do the various feeding schedules you may be using. Having an accurate EC meter to tell you your nutrient strength is invaluable and takes all the guess work out of your feeding schedule.

To calibrate the Essentials EC Meter you will need a bottle of CF calibration fluid (the meter comes with a small sachet). Then simply dip the meter into the calibration fluid and hold the calibrate button until it says CAL, the EC Meter wil then recalibrate the device.

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