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The Essentials PH meter is a highly accurate and professional meter for reading the PH level of your nutrient solution and is used to test the level of acidity or alkaline in the water so adjustments can be made to suit the PH level you require.

The Essentials PH meter is easy to use, just turn on the meter and immerse the meters sensor into your solution and after about 15 seconds the unit will hold the PH reading displayed on the screen for you to easily read it. All Essentials testers are water resistant, so even if your tester is accidentally dropped into the water, it will remain afloat so as to enable immediate retrieval without damaging the electronics inside.

We recommend you also calibrate your meter regularly to ensure you are receiving accurate readings, and don’t forget to keep your meters sensor clean. Calibrating your meter can easily be done with some PH buffer solution and with the push of a button. Pour out a small amount of your PH buffer solution as once it is used it should be discarded, turn on your meter and press the CAL button on the meter until CAL stops flashing and you are at the correct number for calibrating to match the solution you are using. We recommend when calibrating your meter you do a two point calibration for 100% accuracy. First PH buffer 7 will set your meter to neutral and then use PH buffer 4 to set the meter to the acidic level of 4, this gives you a two point calibration. And don’t forget to keep your meters sensor clean

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