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Gavita 1000w Pro E-Line




Gavita’s NEW E-Series high-output, high frequency, 400V grow lights.

You’ll get 10 – 25% higher output for the same power – this means 8% more plant usable light.

They’re simple to set up. You won’t need a switchboard, contact or timer if you use a Gavita Master Controller – you can control up to 80 lighting systems at once.

Your lights will automatically switch on and off at your chosen time. When in sunrise and sunset mode, this’ll happen over a 30 minute period to ease plants in.

There’s no worry of overheating, short circuits or high inrushes – your Master Controller will take care of this!

• High output, high frequency lamps
• Connects with Gavita Master Controllers!
• Complete 3-in-1 ballast, reflector and lamp
• Pioneering 96% efficient, replaceable reflector
• Brighter, cooler and far more efficient
• Jaw-dropping 10 – 25% increase in output
• Up to 10% higher yields than with standard lights
• Long-lasting – 5,000 hour lamp life expectancy
• Dim or boost light output in 10W increments (50 – 100% range) when connected to the master controller
• Dim or boost manually when used without the master controller
• Soft dim (light dims slowly to reduce stress)
• Easy to use – it’s plug and play
• Red LED status indicator
• Fully CE certified
• 1000 Watts, 400 Volts

• Highest output and efficacy in the market (A++ energy label)
• Comes with a Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V DE EL lamp, 2100 µmol s-1
• Dim / Boost Settings – 600/750/825/1000 /1150W
• Lights more than 2 square metres per 1000 μmol m-2 s-1

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Weight 3 kg


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