Gavita 1000w DE Classic





Serious grower? Get a record yield with a 1000W Gavita!  

They’re pioneering lights crafted in Holland, the greenhouse capital! 

Commercial growers fill their greenhouses with them!

  • 3-in-1 ballast, lamp & reflector
  • Dimmable 1000W, 400V Light (2100 µmol s-1)
  • Classic series (does not connect to Master Controller)

With an A++ energy label, they’ll produce 8% more plant usable light for the same power as other lights.

Compared to standard 600W grow lights

Long Lamp Life – 5,000hrs

Lamps easily last at least a year and hardly lose any light

3 Year Warranty

All Gavita lights come with a 3 year warranty that we honour – just make sure you hang on to your receipt. 

Dimmable Digital Light

Dim or boost your lamp to 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W or 1150W as a standalone fixture.

400V Frequency

It produces more light than 240V lights for the same power – colour rendering is super accurate, too.

96% Vega/MIRO® Aluminium Reflector

It only loses 1% of it’s reflectivity for every 1,000hrs of use.

No Power Loss

The distance from the lamp to ballast is very short, so there’s no electromagnetic interference & no loss of power!

A++ Energy Rating

These lights are brighter, cooler & more efficient than any other light we’ve seen.

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Weight 3 kg


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