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Liquid Oxygen contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is a highly unstable molecule. It will quickly break down in the nutrient tank releasing a free atom of oxygen. This oxygen atom is extremely reactive and will attach itself to either another atom, forming a stable oxygen molecule, or attack a nearby organic molecule, such as a virus or fungal spore. Liquid Oxygen can eliminate existing diseases and help to prevent future ones.

Liquid Oxygen – the well known cleansing and oxygenating agent for hydroponic systems Continuous delivery of unstable oxygen which will destroy fungal spores and disease organisms. More units can be simply added for extra protection or for larger tanks.

Allows the full use of GreenFuse and other organic additives without any problems.

Increases in activity as tank temperature rises – thus delivering the maximum oxygen when it is most needed.

Promotes a clean, disease free tank and highly oxygenated nutrient which will help to ensure healthy roots and deliver explosive growth.

Liquid Oxygen is available in the following sizes: 250 ml, 1 litre, 5 litresA daily addition of Liquid Oxygen to the nutrient tank will invigorate the plant and increase nutrient uptake, leading to faster growth rates. In plants the extra oxygen provided will massively stimulate protein production at the cellular level. This will greatly enhance the photosynthetic process, leading to bushier plants with larger leaves, thicker stems and shorter internodes. Plants will be stronger and leaves will be darker, thus collecting light with greater efficiency and further improving photosynthetic response.

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