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Growth Technology Liquid Silicon is an essential beneficial that supplements your plants with additional levels of soluble silicate and can be used in all types of growing whether hydroponics, coco or soil substrates.

Liquid Silicon should be used during vegetative growth and right through flowering to strengthen the cell walls of the plants, giving noticeably stronger, thicker stems and a healthier root zone. Liquid Silicon also aids with the uptake of available nutrients, improves CO2 absorption and increases chlorophyll production giving overall bigger, stronger and healthier plants with improved resistance to pests and diseases, such as mites, fungi and mildew.

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Benefits of Growth Technology Liquid Silicon includes:

  • Strengthens cell walls
  • Improves nutrient and CO2 absorption
  • Healthier plants and root zone
  • Greater resistance to pests and diseases
  • Can be used in hydro, coco and soil

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