Hailea 9602 2 Way Air Pump



Hailea ACO-9602 – 2 Outlet Adjustable Air Pump

The Hailea ACO-9602 is a super quiet, dual output adjustable air pump. This pump produces a user-adjustable air-flow of up to 7.2 litres/min while creating very little noise. Great for oxygenating your reservoir or driving an aquafarm.

  • Hailea – world famous for high quality aquarium air pumps
  • User adjustable output from 0.8 to 7.2 litres per minute
  • Easy to use output control
  • Constructed with high quality components for reliability
  • Multi-level muffler considerably reduces noise
  • Special suspension-feet drastically reduces vibration
  • Only 5 watts power consumption
  • Dual output for driving two air lines
  • Great for oxygenating your nutrient reservoir or for driving a waterfarm or aquafarm

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Weight .9 kg


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