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HydroTops Bactivator, You might not of heard of hydrotops or bactivator and thats because it has been a professional and commercial secret for many years and has now only recently once again been made available to the public retail markets. This is an absoloute essential tool for any hydroponics gardener.

 100% effective Organic Spider mite control & Pythium Defense ( aka root rot )

Hydrotops Bactivator is 100% organic bio-stimulation and the natural foundation of a healthy hydroponic system. By recreating the conditions found in a good rich organic topsoil. Bactivator offers unrivalled bio-stimulation leading to enhanced, compact vegetative growth and profuse flower and fruit production. Bio-stimulation in Nature can be observed in the symbiotic relationship between beneficial bacteria and fungi and the root system of their host plant.

The colonisation at the root zone by these beneficial microbes directly stimulates cellular function and root growth. Additionally, Bactivator provides a natural microbial defence system to resist fungal infections by pre-emptive consumption of their food sources, which in turn increases resistance to pest attack.

Includes 10 Doses. – 1 dose makes 50 litres.

Comes Highly Recommended.

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