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HydroTops Triple F – Fully Formed Flowers! the 100% natural option for super buds, not only is it a natural option is is arguably one of the best products on the planet. Hydrotops triple F Comes Highly recommended.

Triple F- Fully Formed Flowers has proven itself to be probably the best floral stimulation product available for both traditional soil-based and hydroponic growers. Developed and tested over several years, Triple F never fails to surprise even the most experienced of growers with the results of using this 100% organic floral stimulant. Rather than applying chemical morphogenic agents to induce and enhance floral response Triple F is based on the natural symbiosis of carefully selected microbes with your plants root system.

This natural symbiosis triggers flowering and increases nutrient intake to produce profuse flowers and fruit, with increases in yield of up to 50%. Full application instructions included in every pack. Suitable for use in all methods of hydroponic and soil based growing. 

125ml makes 250 litres of Boost.
use week 3-7 of flowering.

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