Plagron – Mega Worm Castings 1L


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Plagron Mega Worm is a fully organic soil supplement that helps provide a natural balance in the soil to encourage healthy growth in the vegetative stage and bloom during flowering stage.

The formula of Mega Worm by Plagron is 100% worm manure from the Dendrobena Veneta, a medium sized earthworm (also known as European Nightcrawler) that contains all the required trace elements, minerals, mycorrhizal and trichoderma fungi.

When mixed into soil, Mega Worm ensures strong and abundant root development, increased plant resistance as well as promoting healthy growth and flowering, it can also help promote rapid germination when used during propagation.

Advantages of Plagron Mega Worm include:

  • Organic soil supplement
  • Made from 100% worm manure
  • Encourages healthy growth and bloom
  • Promotes rapid germination

Directions of use:

1-2 litre per 10 litre of potting soil

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