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Plagron – Mighty Neem Oil


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Plagron Might Neem Oil – Insect Deterrent

Mighty Neem from Plagron is a brilliant product for keeping insects at bay. Derived from the Sri Lankan Neem Tree, the oil is pressed from the fruits and seeds of the evergreen tree – Azadirachta indica.

Neem oil is a natural insecticide perfect for organic growers. Suitable for use against Aphids, Caterpillars, Fungus Gnats, Leaf miners, Mealy worms, Mites, Neomatodes, Thrips and White flies.

At room temperature, Neem Oil is a solid, similar to Coconut oil. Warming it slightly makes it easier to use.

To use, simply add 5ml or Mighty Neem Oil to 1L of warm water. The resulting solution can be be sprayed onto plants every other day or used as a root wash for soil based insects. It can take 7-10 days before Neem oil is working at it’s best so early preparation is helpful.

Using Plagron Might Neem also helps to promote healthy green growth whilst improving the overall resistance of your plants.

Mighty Neem Oil Storage:

• Store bottle in an upright position, ideally in the dark.

• Storage temperature: 0 – 30°C

• After dissolving in water, use within 24 hours

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