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Vita Race is an organic foliar fertilizer that is used in the growing stage and in the first three weeks of the flowering stage.

Vita Race contains natural hormones for growth and flowering. It will increase the cytokinin content and the chlorophyll in the leaves. This also increases the sugar in leaves which will remain green longer. The plant resistance is increased and this will create more new shoots and flowers.

Vita Race can be used weekly as a spray. Shake well before use and mix 5 ml in a litre of water (1:200) and spray it on the leaves of the plants until the leaves begin to drip. Spray the plant every week until the third week of the flowering phase. Spray the plant until it is dripping wet for optimal results. The leaves take on, mostly during the day, nourishments, and therefore it is better to spray at the beginning of the day.

Contents: 100 ml
Composition: amino acids, trace elements, minerals, natural grow hormones, natural bloom hormones.

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