Powerplant Mantis Pro Reflector (With IEC Cord Set)



The professional’s choice for replacement and supplementary lighting. New and improved! Adjustawing from Hydrogarden are now called the Mantis Pro, easier to reposition and more robust!

Introducing the Mantis Pro reflector:

~ Adjustable pitch parabolic design for maximum light traferral
~ Virtually indestructible yet flexible construction
~ Quick and easy to set up
~ Easy to make adjustment

The wings form a succession of perfect dual parabolic shapes when assembled. This enables the grower to focus light spread and intensity according to the plants individual needs.

The Mantis Pro reflector is incredibly power efficient and versatile. When adjusted to its widest, it may be positioned very near to the plants for both maximum growth. Alternatively, the reflector may be adjusted to a more narrow setting and position proportionally further from the vegetation to suit the light and heat requirements of sensitive plants.

The Mantis Pro is so flexible , it is possible to have one wing in a narrow setting and one in a wide setting to encourage growth in a unproductive areas of the grow room.

The reflector is constructed using the minimum number of components and moving parts. Reflector ends, housings, and other bulky structural supports have been eliminated. Designed in this manner the Mantis Pro is lightweight and does not trap heat or restrict air movement around the lamp or growing area.

 If used on conventional IEC Ballasts it is necessary to purchase a Adaptor Cord Set.

Suitable for all lamp sizes.

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Weight 2 kg


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