Powerplant Ultralite Reflector



The Power Plant Ultralite Pro is a high performance, light-weight reflector with patented design.

Its eight-sided symmetrical design is made of high purity textured dimpled aluminium for maximum reflection and diffusion.

The unit is ready assembled complete with lamp holder, supply lead with IEC plug and is supplies with full instructions for use.

The lamp holder can be custom fitted for any size lamp ranging from 250 – 1000 watts.

George van Patten’s light test on reflectors from around the world (see Gardening Indoors with Lights, page 105), found the Pro-Ultralite gave the most lumens output from a 600w lamp for a 9sq meter area out of all reflectors tested.

The Hydrofarm Pro UltraLite offers top performance at an affordable price. Sold complete with reflector, ballast, bulb and socket. The UltraLite reflector weighs under 5 lbs. and is constructed of specular aluminum for maximum reflectivity. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps have initial lumens between 120,000-140,000 lumens and deteriorate slower than metal hallide lamps. They are dominant in the red-yellow spectrum and possess minimal amounts of the blue-green spectrum. The 600 watt HPS lamp has the best lumen-watt ratio, making it the most efficient to run. Up-grade your HPS lamp with a Hortilux lamp providing a ceramic instead of glass insulator, a longer contact end, ~5000 extra lumens, slightly enhanced blue-green spectrum, and an enhanced yellow spectrum

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