Pyrethrum 5 EC


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Naturally occurring Pyrethrins are insecticides deriving from dried Chrysanthemum flowers that have been trusted through the ages for fast and effective pest control. Pyrethrum 5 EC finally gives indoor gardeners a safe way to harness the power of Pyrethrins whether youre growing edible or non-edible plants!

Just one of several exciting products to come from Agropharm, a leading name in professional pest control, Pyrethrum 5 EC targets an impressive array of insects including Aphids, Blackfly, Greenfly, Whitefly, Thrips and Spider Mites. By blanket spraying your plants with a solution made up from this concentrate, all unwanted visitors will quickly be destroyed and pleasingly no toxic residuals are left over in the aftermath! At a dilution rate of 4ml per 1 litre of water, this 100% natural foliar application offers tremendous value whether you select the 250mls or 1 litre size and also proves suitable for organics!

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