Root !T Propagator Tray & Lid




The ROOT!T large propagator lid and the ROOT!T large propagator tray are not only great value their lightweight design means that they have many uses.

The ROOT!T large propagator lid has two vents for humidity control and the whole lid can be used on its own as a large cloche when growing outdoors.

The ROOT!T Large Propagator Tray has been designed to be large enough to fit a ROOT!T Propagator Tray Insert, a whole SBS tray (Cultilène/Grodan/Jiffy) or used with loose growing media as a seed tray/hardening off tray.

  • Fits Stonewool Plug trays
  • For starting seeds and cuttings
  • Temperature and humidity controlled byadjustable vents
  • High cover provides more volume
  • Deep continuous channels in base to preventwater pooling

Propagator Lid
L 57.5 cm x W 37 cm x H 14 cm
(excluding handle)

Propagator Tray
L 57 cm x W 36.5 cm x H 5.5 cm

Additional information

Weight .6 kg


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