SMS Twin Fan Controller 4.5a Mk2




If you’re on the look out for a reliable, software managed fan controller, then look no further than the Twincontroller MK2 from SMS.

Being software controlled, the SMS Twincontroller works in a completely different way to mechanical controllers as it will scan your room, taking approximately 5 minutes, the results are then evaluated and it will gradually increase or decrease your fan speed to keep the room at the required pre-set temperature.

The Twincontroller has a temperature sensor, a minimum and maximum fan speed dial, the desired temperature dial and 2 plug sockets so you can run 2 fans from the unit.

The Twincontroller is a great addition to your grow room and features the following:

  • Maximum fan speed dial can be set between 60-100%
  • Minimum fan speed dial can be set between 20-60%
  • Temperature dial can be set between 10-40C
  • 2 plug sockets allow it run 2 fans simultaneously
  • Temperature sensor comes with 2m cable
  • Plug & Play – no wiring required and comes complete with a UK mains plug

Fan controllers can, at times, make the fan ‘buzz’, however, here at Holland Hydroponics we tested the SMSCOM Twincontroller with a 4” TT fan and a 10” RVK fan, running both at maximum and minimum speeds and we’re pleased to report neither showed any signs of buzzing.

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Weight .8 kg


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