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Spinning Leaf Trimmer Pro Tumbler 19″




This Spin Tumble Trimmer is the latest design supplied by us at Green Lamp.

19″ Diameter – Medium to Large projects

Built to the highest standards, as always, and including spare blades, this unit will save you hours of hand trimming.
Literally turns hours of work into a job that will take a matter of minutes.

The new design incorporates a clear lid so you can always see what is happening inside, this helps you to see when your flowers are trimmed to your satisfaction. 

Used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots and for the preparation of plants for essential oils and for mixing of flower petals and leaves for aromatherapy and potpourri.

Other versions on the market have thin, low quality rubber tumble fingers, weak plastic gearboxes, and solid lids which require removal very often to see when your trimming is complete, our version has a large clear lid, strong metal gears, 24 x 5mm thick high grade rubber fingers for maximum tumbling performance.

The high performance metal gearbox spins the choice of heavy duty blade, or light duty wire at a high RPM to ensure a perfect manicure is done every time!

The unit dismantles easily for cleaning and storage.

Leaf trim collects in bottom bowl ready for the preparation of essential oils, collection of Potpourri.

Blades can be easily sharpened, and the unit comes with a spare heavy duty blade, as well as a lighter duty wire blade.

The Trimmer operates smoothly and silently, and after only one use you will wonder why you have left it so long to get one!

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