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Trimbag Dry Leaf Plant Trimmer




Introducing Trimbag, the first collapsible, hand-held dry trimmer on the market!

Trimbag is a multi-functional tool that can be used to trim, sift and sort medicinal herbs and hops. It is a hand held dry trimming device that gives you customized control of the finished product. We had fun patenting both the device and the methods for using Trimbag.

Trimbag is the only high capacity trimmer on the market that features:

  • human touch
  • affordability
  • done in minutes
  • collapsible
  • no replaceable parts

Sound too good?  People who used this product were amazed at the results they witnessed after using the device for only 2 minutes. They were impressed by its simplicity, versatility and innovation.

blob:https://www.youtube.com/cbbcdcbf-cbf5-475a-b049-fb0fb8c668f7 – How To Use Video

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg


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